HE ate My Ass Like He Never Ate Before

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What a king 1 year ago
This man did everything right lmao
1 year ago
Least he could have done was change the battery in the smoke detector.
Joe 11 months ago
Dude was slurpin that booty
BootyDutyHTown 11 months ago
Did you here him slurpin'. She will be back!
69er 10 months ago
Man enough to eat ass but not man enough to change battery on smoke detector ️
5 months ago
If you can't taste what she ate the day before you're not eating ass correctly.
Mature Man 10 months ago
Delicious women's butt.
Very good 7 months ago
He eats like its a feast. That's how it's supposed to be.
NotMe 7 months ago
Damn I need to find this man
Qwerty 8 months ago
I'd have eaten her shit also